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Arsip untuk stasiun pasar senen

Pasar Senen Station at the time 23.00 P.M. – 05.00 A.M. (Learning English)

Night trains from Java, usually arrived at Pasar Senen Station from eleven o’clock at night until five o’clock in the morning. People, whos have far destination (home), may be have troublesome, because the public transportations like bus, transjakarta, and commuter line was stopped in operation at that time. There are many transportation that available such as taxy or “ojek”. However, you must be cleaver for biding the price/tarrif, cause the driver will giving you high price. Some people like to waiting in front of station, they are just sitting or sleeping cause its very tired after  traveling, and they waiting for the morning when all public transportation begin operating their unit.

This experience have writen in my article, that considering from my experience on Saturday night, August 5th 2017. May be next time, train departmen start to thinking about the solution for help their pasengger.


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